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Three women from the 261 Fearless running group proudly show off their medals after a marathon

Make a Commitment

Have you ever thought about how something very important but intangible could be made into something tangible? Or what it could look like? Written by Kathrine Switzer.

Recently, I was approached by Equinox—a company that deals in high-end fitness and lifestyle clubs and therefore a financially-secure clientele—to talk about something that can never be purchased, at any price:  Commitment.

It was heartening for me that a luxury company values commitment above all else, for everyone, not just their clients, and it was interesting that they wanted to demonstrate what commitment might look like if it was made into a tangible item.

Because scent is so evocative, it was decided to created a perfume that contains the scents of both a story of commitment and effort itself.  The story is my first challenging marathon; the effort contains my own blood, sweat and tears carried in the perfume with my own DNA.

But here’s the point I want to make in this personal blog to you:

Make a Commitment!

Nothing in life is more satisfying than trying.  Not all dreams are realised, not all goals reached, but just by trying you will amaze yourself.  If you don’t try, you will never know what you can really do.  If you don’t try, you will never have that breathtaking discovery of your own heart. Give it a try to begin running, give it a try to apply to become 261 Coach, give it a try to set up a local 261 Club, and give it a try to support other women to become fearless like you are. That could be your own Blood, Sweat and Tears. And it is going to smell AMAZING!

Team picture - 261 Fearless

Written by Kathrine Switzer.

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