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"My Favorite Item" - Tips from our 261 Fearless Team

Our 261 Fearless Inc Team picked their favorite items they purchase online. We'd like to inspire you with our reading tips, motivate you to stay active with virtual workouts and make you life easier with practical items for your home.

Christina is in charge of the communication for 261 Fearless Inc. and works as a translator and interpreter in Vienna. Today, she'll share her favorite amazon items with us!

Julieta - Pedro Almodóvar

Pedro Almodóvar is one of my favourite Spanish film makers and I can recommend all his work. Julieta was the last film of his I watched, and I liked it especially because it shows the characters in all its facets. You cannot clearly tell who the good person and who the bad person is - it’s not black and white! Additionally, I loved the scenery of Galicia, Northern Spain, because I used to live there for a year - it’s beautiful and reminds me a bit of my stay abroad. The film is dubbed in different languages and you can rent it for 24h for a very low price. The good thing about amazon is that you easily access films in different languages and of international film makers. That’s not easy to find on other platforms.

Watch the movie.

Wilde Maus - Josef Hader

An Austrian classic - Josef Hader is one of the most well-known Austrian film makers and Wild Mouse made it even into international cinemas (at least in France, maybe not all the way to the States). The film must be quite peculiar for those who don’t know about Austrian culture and our dark humor. I still recommend it, just be open and try to experience something new! The film is produced in German, but English subtitles are available.

Watch the movie.


Purple Hibiscus  - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Adichie is currently one of my favourite authors. She’s Nigerian, lives in Lagos and writes feminist literature. Purple Hibiscus was the first book of hers I read, and it really touched me. Additionally, I love diving into a world I don’t know and discover a new culture while reading - Adichie lets you slowly immerse yourself into Nigerian culture and get an impression of what life looks like in Africa’s most populated country. The book is available on kindle, but you can also order the printed version.

Read the book.

Crónica de una muerte anunciada - Gabriel García Márquez

One of the best things amazon has to offer is international literature! If you are looking for books in foreign languages, local bookstores mostly have a very limited offer. Personally, I can recommend “Chronicle of a death foretold” by García Márquez, a classic of Latin American literature. I am a big fan of the so-called “realismo mágico” that mingles the world of dreams with reality to create a fantastic world that captures  you until the last page. For those of you who speak Spanish - read the original version to experience the poetic language García Márquez uses. If not, there’s always the English translation and it’s excellent, too. (Small tip: It’s the ideal book to discover the author, because it’s quite short - only 130 pages - compared to his other works.)

Read the book.


This kettle is not just a kettle to boil water in! It has an integrated sieve to hold loose tea leaves and it allows you to choose the water temperature and keep the tea warm. I use it to boil water for cooking and to prepare all kinds of tea and herbal infusion at exactly the right temperature. Also, it keeps the tea warm - that is very handy as I work from home. I can drink hot tea all day long!

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