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My First Running Steps - Dana

"I couldn't have done it without my 261 Fearless club." Dana from the 261 club in Doylestown shares the start of her running journey.

When did you decide to start running and why?

Last summer, my neighbor Christine, who is our coach, invited me to 261 Fearless club Doylestown. My first reaction was, "I don't run, and I’ve never run before.” Then Christine gave me the brief introduction about the club. What interests me the most about 261 Fearless is that there is no competition and judgement. I decided to give it a try. In September as soon as my boys went back to school, I joined the club and started my running journey. It has been a life-changing and rewarding experience for me.   

What were the things that had stopped you running before and which was the biggest barrier?

I never really enjoyed long distance running even when I was in high school and college. Fear was the biggest barrier. I always got tired easily when I ran. I thought I was not born to be a runner, let alone be able to run for a long distance.

How has 261 Fearless helped you on your running journey?

As a coach, Christine is so supportive and encouraging all the time. She shares running techniques and experiences with us. I'm also surrounded by a group of ladies who are welcoming and motivated. The club made me feel special and inspired me to run, which I’m extremely thankful for. I couldn't have done it without my 261 Fearless club.

What has been your best running moment so far?

When our group meets, we do fun strength training and coordination games as well as running. There is always something new and fun to experience each week.

Since I started running, I realized that I could help and inspire other people to run through my running experience. Last November, my daughter came back from college for Thanksgiving break, and I asked her to run with me. She came along, skeptical at first, but at the end of our run, she said to me, “Mom, can you get me a pair of running shoes for Christmas?” She has started running on her college campus since then. In the past, we have tried so many times to tell her to exercise, but it never worked. Running is my motivation, and I am grateful that I can use it to inspire others around me. 

What advice would you give for other women who would like to start running?

 Don't be afraid. Believe in yourself! Running is hard at first, but it'll definitely get better. Get a group of people to run together or join a community, so it will be a more fun experience!

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