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My First Running Steps - Tanja

Let us introduce you to Tanja, the second woman in our interview series talking to runners who began their running journeys with 261 Fearless.

When did you decide to start running and why? 

My daughter Elina had started running and I could see how much she enjoyed it. She had started running with her father and wanted to run with girls so I looked on the internet and came across 261 Fearless. I was dropping Elina off every week and the club coaches Maria and Edith suggested to me that I should join them for a run as well. 

What were the things that had stopped you running before and which was the biggest barrier? 

I just had very, very little experience with running. I also have asthma and wasn’t sure how that would affect me. I’d had to have a big abdominal operation and knew my abdominal muscles had been weakened by being cut. All this made me nervous to run. 

How has 261 Fearless helped you on your running journey? 

261 Fearless has motivated and supported me and shown me that it doesn’t matter how fast you run. Everyone has their own speed and it takes time to find YOUR speed. You always experience some form of success and achievement after each run which makes you want to go again. 

What has been your best running moment so far? 

Each time I go along to my 261 Club is a favourite moment because each meet-run is so individual; it never gets boring. That’s what I really like. Oh and getting my first medal for participating in the Kärnten Läuft-Run was a special moment too. 

What advice would you give for other women who would like to start running? 

Run your own pace, no matter how fast or slow, but do it with others, do it together together; it’s infinitely more fun than doing it all by yourself.

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