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Train the Trainer Course Berlin 261 Fearless

New 261 Coaches certified at 261 Train the Trainer course in Berlin

261 Fearless educated 5 new Coaches in Berlin - a great weekend filled with the magic of 261.

Berlin is not known for great weather in winter, but on our Train the Trainer weekend, the sun was glowing and all clouds disappeared. It seemed the city wanted to welcome our new 261 Coaches.

During this weekend, Mary, Claudia, Klaudia, Nicole and Caro learned everything they need to be prepared for their new task. They will lead new or existing meet runs in Berlin, Chemnitz (Eastern Germany) and Frankfurt - we wish them a lot of fun and congratulate to their fearlessness! Let us introduce these ladies to you:

261 Coach Mary

Mary is the mother of a little girl, a passionate runner and works as system administrator for the television.

Not a day goes by without running because moving outside gives me joy, strength and motivation for my everyday life. Since I have started running, I see the world with different eyes and I am happy with big and small successes and proud that I continue even after failure. It fills me with joy, when I meet other people who have the same passion for running as I do.


261 Coach Claudia

Claudia is 45 years old, wife and mother of one daughter. She lives and works in Berlin as a medical assistant. She loves sports, especially running - it makes her feel good.

Not a day goes by without running because I love running outside even when it's windy and rainy.


261 Coach Caro

Caro is always in a good mood and nothing can disturb her inner peace. She is thankful that as a trainer & coach she can encourage other people through sports and give them more self-confidence. Also, she can celebrate small successes with them… It’s the best job in the world!

Not a day goes by without running because it gives Caro the opportunity to listen to herself for a moment and to sort her thoughts… and because it’s so easy - you just put on your shoes and run.


261 Coach Klaudia

Klaudia originally comes from Poland, but she has been living in Germany for three years. As a migrant she was searching for ways to integrate with local communities, but her eastern accent made her feel foreign. She realised that you do not need to live abroad to experience this feeling - many women feel foreign in their own bodies. Running and spending time together in an active way can build bridges and cure these feelings. That is why she is really passionate to join the amazing initiative of 261 Fearless, which represents values that are close to her heart - connecting women through sport, from all around the world.

Not a day goes by without running because it helped Klaudia in so many ways and in difficult moments. Thanks to it she found true friends and discovered a never-ending source of happiness.


 261 Coach Nicole

Nicole is 42 years old and proud mother of an 11-year-old son who regularly runs wither her. She is in a relationship and works as a school psychologist. Sports determines her life as she accompanies her son to various events and loves doing sports herself - pilates, deep work, swimming, snowboarding and running of course :)

Not a day goes by without running because Nicole's feet are twingling.

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