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Now that Tasneem is a Game Changer, There's No Stopping Her

"Well, to be very honest, I didn’t know what being ‘a 261 Fearless Game Changer’ truly meant before I did this program." Tasneem, one of our seven game-changing heroes recalls her Train the Trainer experience in Herzogenaurach.

Let me start from the very beginning. I absolutely love running. I got into my school athletics team at a very young age and that opened doors to all types of sports.


261 Fearless is synonymous with running and that’s what got me hooked from the outset. I was fortunate enough to be a part of this Train the Trainer program in Germany, held at the adidas headquarters in Herzogenaurach. It’s a human tendency to set expectations, and I had them set for this program but I had no idea that I was setting the bar too low. This program was so much more than ‘just’ a running program.  

First things first, the people with me were exceptional in their own ways, women from all over the world, gathering together through their love of running and wanting to spread this back home. There were language barriers, but these disappeared when we started running together – the one thing that got us connected at the roots. 

The three days were challenging, we had theory and practical sessions. Learning and grasping healthy running technique was at the core and the rest took us deeper into learning the art of running. The trainers who taught us had loads of experience and they were true role models – we all kept absorbing and and practicing so as to be able to imbibe what truly mattered to become a game changer. 


It was surprising that even though we were from different countries and cultures, we had more in common than not – spirit, self-confidence, fearlessness, and much more. 


All this knowledge from the program made me think of how I can help women back home and inculcate the beautiful spirit of running in their lives to help make positive change. I want to start my club as soon as I can, to gather women with a similar mentality, help them, connect with them and create a happy running family – this is my ultimate goal! There’s nothing stopping me from achieving this – so let’s do this!

Catch Tasneem and our other gmae-changing heroes in the first episodes of the 261 Fearless Documentary - Powered by adidas, on our YouTube channel here.

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