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Our 261 Game Changers: Greta's 261 Train The Trainer Experience

"I love sport. I love running. I’ve always loved it. My dream? To work in a big sports company. I currently work in fashion." Greta - one of our seven heroes in our 261 documentary - presented by adidas - tells us how she experienced her weekend in Herzogenaurach.

I run to be happy and to boost my energy at the end of the day or at the beginning of the day, depending on the season and on what race I’m preparing for; a marathon, a half marathon, a 10k or perhaps nothing at all.

I love running so much that I accepted the challenge to open a 261 Fearless club in Italy, in Milano, where I live and work, in a PR agency. Milano the town of fashion, of beauty, of cool people and a trendy place to be. 

How did I feel after my training in Herzogenaurach at adidas? I was the happiest person in the world. I think “my partners in crime” who shared the experience with me in Germany might also claim that title! 

I already had an idea of what it means to run a club but the training helped me to really understand the 261 Fearless philosophy, the rules, and the motivation. I learned about the pros and cons of running, plus the doubts women might have and how to approach people with different physical or mental health issues. 


I also learned how to grow my club, ideas for marketing and who to reach out to, to help me.

Now everything is clearer, it will not be easy but I’m a marathoner and I like a challenge. The 261 Fearless Club in Milanis my challenge!

A lot of dreams came to me during my flight back home and I hope to make them come true. I want to have a big group of women running and training with me and to have good coaches by my side. Maybe in future, I’d like to open more clubs in Italy and one day, maybe I will be the one who can train new coaches.

Another dream I have is to host Kathrine Switzer and all my 261 Fearless friends from all around the world, in Milan for a big event.

Everything in Herzogenaurach gave me the energy and the power to improve and to do even better.  

The story, the success, the laboratory where adidas ambassador shoes are created, the performance testing of the new products. Everything, everywhere was amazing!

But the most fantastic and unforgettable moment for me was having my picture taken next to  the Adi Dassler statue. That was the highlight of the trip and made my day. I have always worn adidas and known the story of the brand and the rivalry with Puma. A lot of my friends have always told me about the HQ of adidas, the place where everything was born.

Being there, training at the stadium , feeling the history and enjoying the atmosphere in every single corner of the campus, was for me, a dream come true. 

I was moved when Mimoza, Sylvie, Prudence and Tasneem spoke about their experiences. It once again opened my mind to different worlds. In 2018 women are not free to run in certain parts of the world, that’s incredible and unbelievable.  I realized that I’m extremely lucky, as are the other women in my country.  We are free to choose and that’s a great opportunity that we have. We have to take advantage of this and never forget to be happy and enjoy the gift we have. 

I’m really proud to be part of this amazing project. You can watch the first episode of the 261 Fearless Documentary - Powered by adidas here.


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