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Our fearless journey at the 261 Coaches Refresher in Austria

At our annual Refresher course for 261 Coaches in Austria, the whole team collected creative ideas, exchanged and expanded their network and had a lot of fun.

Education is the key to empowerment, and that's why we want to provide our 261 Coaches with new knowledge regularly. We want to arm them with the tools to fulfil their tasks as 261 Coaches and to create exciting, fun and varied meet runs for the local 261 Club members.

As with every year, the focus of the 261 Coaches Refresher was on the exchange between the 22 261 Coaches from all over Austria. This year Christina, 261 Coach in Styria, led through pelvic floor exercises, which will soon be implemented in the Club 261 meet runs - because a strong pelvic floor is a prerequisite for healthy running.

The 261 Coaches continued with a “fearless journey”, which gave them the opportunity to think about who they want to make fearless through running. The 261 Coaches asked themselves, how they can reach out to women in their communities in order to make them fearless through the weekly meet run. Our 261 Coaches gathered creative ideas and new possibilities in a team effort. Together they came up with plenty of new means to reach out to more women!

261 Coach Andrea of the meet run in St. Veit found just the right words to describe the afternoon: "An intense, fearless and very fun 261 Refresher. Now we return full of new ideas and enthusiasm to our meet runs to implement what we've discussed."

After the hard work, the 261 Coaches enjoyed a social run through the city of Murau, where they could relax after a long day. The group wearing the purple jackets could be heard unmistakably throughout the town - a lot of laughter and chatting accompanied them! After dinner it was time to say goodbye again. The 261 Coaches made their way back home full of new energy and ideas!

Our 261 Coaches were excited about the 261 Refresher, we'd like to share their impressions:

"A great meeting with all 261 Coaches in Austria, we learned and laughed a lot." Edith, 261 Coach Klagenfurt

"I was impressed by our collaboration and team spirit that resulted in creative ideas. Each one of us is a unique character and that's what makes it so interesting - together we can make a real impact." Petra, 261 Coach Klagenfurt

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