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Visiting Doylestown USA Club 261 Fearless

Representing the 261 Global Community: a visit at the 261 Fearless Club Doylestown/USA

Our club is comprised of 8 enthusiastic and welcoming women who are eager to learn, grow and run together! They are particularly special because they represent a microcosm of the global running community. by Christine, 261 Club Director Doylestown

Not only do our members come from as far as a 30 minute drive to meet each Wednesday morning, but they've originally come from as far as Brazil, Argentina and Poland!

Janaina, who is my friend from Brazil, heard about Kathrine's story and encouraged me to become a 261 Fearless Coach. She then went on to encourage her friend from Poland, Ula to come to the first meet run. Both women have joined us since our first meet run, despite recovery from injury, travels to Brazil and Poland and of course work and family obligations. They've discovered that running, laughing, playing and encouraging each other doesn't require perfect mastery of a common spoken language. Rather, 261 Fearless Club Doylestown expresses our own unique sense of community through acceptance and encouragement, never competition.  Ola played handball in Poland. Here she expected the same sort of competition but was relieved that there is none in our club.  Janaina discovered 30 second walking breaks and is now running farther and stronger than she ever did before.

Silvia who is from Argentina, told me that, "When I first read about this group on Facebook, I felt that everyone would be accepted and welcomed. A minute after I arrived, it was exactly how I felt. I felt cared for and appreciated just for being a woman, a strong woman.   I am coming to believe in my strength as a woman and as a runner. Before I joined 261 Fearless Club Doylestown, I didn't know how to come back to run again without getting hurt. I've learnt more in these couple of months than in all my life running. And now, I know that I'll keep on running for the rest of my life, and the best run is yet to come!  I look forward to spending an hour each week with women who accept and welcome me! Thank you Christine for volunteering your time and commitment to other women."

I thank the women each week for taking time from their busy lives to celebrate themselves and their strength. In so many ways, leading them each week has become one of the greatest joys in my life. They thank me, but it's I who am grateful!

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