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Running for those who can't at the Wings for Life World Run

261 Fearless joined the Wings for Life World Run as a team and women all over the world ran for those who can't.

The Wings for Life World Run united runners from all over the globe to run for a good cause. 500,000 participants ran for those who can't all at the same time at local events or via the mobile app. The funds raised are directly invested into spinal cord research to help people who are paralyzed and depend on a wheelchair. Important clinical studies and research can be carried out with the donations. Who knows - maybe they can run with us next year already?

261 Fearless joined this cause as an official team. Women from Switzerland, Austria, Germany and the USA joined the 261 Fearless Team. They were running ahead of the actual or virtual catcher car until they were caught. There is no real finishing line - you finish whenever the car overtakes you. An interesting experience!

Whether it was in snow, pouring rain or cold - the 261 Fearless Team lived the experience together! Participating with so many sisters in different parts of the world made it an enjoyable run for all of us. Join us next year for a good cause and a run that’s all in all a bit different from others!

For more information about the Wings for Life World Run, visit their website.

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