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Testing adidas Supernova Tank Top

New mum Jenny takes the new adidas Supernova Tank Top for a test run in the blazing Texas heat and gives us the low down.

My name is Jenny Acosta, I was really thrilled when I learned that I was picked to test the adidas Supernova tank top. I took it out for a test-run in the Texas heat and here is what I experienced.

How did I feel wearing the Supernova tank?

As a new mom of a 3-month-old baby girl I was looking for something that offered a little more forgiveness around my recently developed muffin top.  I was also looking for something stylish that didn’t make me feel like I was melting in our triple-digit Texas heat.


A little bit about myself

I’ve recently undergone many different body sizes and shapes. I’m currently 5’2, weighing 129 lbs. You could describe my build as petite, previously having been more athletic. Being a new mother, I now have a pair of boobs which require a lot more support on the chest.


1.     Climalite is an exclusive adidas technology which is unique in the market because it’s designed to use your own sweat to your advantage. The primary composition of the tank is polyester. This traps your sweat and brings it to the surface. How is this different from other technologies out there? This aids our bodies in regulating steamy temperatures more efficiently during exercise. Very cool!

2.     There’s no chafing since this material doesn’t stick to your skin like icky cotton - how can it chafe?

3.     The razorback provides a full range of mobility - no awkward tan lines!


1.     Tightness around the belly and chest was uncomfortable. I found myself pulling down my shirt during my runs to keep my flab from flashing everyone; it would’ve helped to have a little more spandex in this section to help with its stretch-ability.

2.     It has a simple design, but this is the trend for most adidas products. I tend to gravitate more toward floral prints and bright colours.

3.     The price seemed a little steep compared to similar supernova tanks I found online.

How can this product be improved?

I believe the mid-section should be a little looser. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to have more colour options.


My final thoughts

Ideally, this product is perfect for a petite or athletic female who doesn’t have a lot jiggling going on. It doesn’t offer a whole lot of support for women with a bigger frame. However, it’s light weight and breathable - which is perfect for those long 20-milers!

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