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The 261 Empowerment Classes

At 261 Fearless we believe education is key to empowerment. We want our coaches to feel confident, knowledgeable and up to date when they lead their weekly meetruns. Our 261 Empowerment Classes, ensure that’s the case.

We pride ourselves on our ongoing education programme which begins once our coaches have completed their Train the Trainer Coach Certification Course. The 261 Empowerment Classes are a great opportunity for our coaches to further their skills and knowledge and ensures the high quality of our running clubs is maintained. Bi-monthly webinars are available as live and interactive sessions and as a recording afterwards.

Hosted by the 261 Fearless Master Coaches and invited experts, the topics are many and varied. Previous classes include subjects such as; Coaching During Covid-19, Sports Bras, Hormonal Health and Women as Coaches. They’re designed to tackle issues that a coach may face while leading their meetrun but also in their lives outside of running. A short reflection question gives coaches the chance to think about what they have learnt from the class and how they can implement and use it in their coach role or daily life.

The Empowerment Classes are free thanks to our partnership with adidas. We look out for hot topics that we can cover and listen to our coaches’ feedback on what they would like to learn about. Sometimes a coach is facing a particular need within an area of coaching or wants to learn more about a health topic so we can tailor our classes to their needs and help them overcome their challenges.

Here is some of the feedback we have received.

‘Like all the Empowerment Classes I have taken, this one was well researched and well delivered. I really appreciate the evidence-based approach 261 takes to education.’ 

‘I found this topic interesting specific because I kept thinking of my own situation.’

‘The guest speakers at this empowerment class addressed the topic openly and positively with an emphasis on working with health, education, research and public participation to break through the barriers and address the issues surrounding women’s health.’

Great class - very informative. Looking forward to the upcoming classes!’

This class, as well as all previous empowerment classes, is an excellent training tool. I greatly appreciate the knowledge, inspiration, perspectives and mental stimulation they have given me. I freely pass the information along to others and receive much interest in return. Thank you.’ 

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