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We’d like to introduce our new 261 Fearless Coach Ambassadors. These women are passionate, purpose-driven Coaches who embody the spirit of a 261 Coach. Throughout the year, they will share their experience with 261 community to give you a look into the life of a Coach.


My name is Astrid, I am 45 years old, and live with my husband Wolfgang and our 4 year old daughter Franziska in Carinthia, in the southern part of Austria. I am co-founder of the Club 261 in Austria and was one of the first 261 coaches. I worked many years in tourism and did also an education as a fitness trainer. For nearly 2 years I work for a regional newspaper and magazine as editorial staff.  

I enjoy our weekly meetruns in St. Veit, where I live, to chat and run with our ladies is really a pleasure every week. It is so wonderful to see how they improve and get more self esteem in running and in life. 


My name is Caroline and I have been a 261-Coach for four years in Germany (Munich-South). 

I work in the Biotech field and live with three cats and my husband in the hilly region close to the Bavarian alps. Since many years running and triathlon has enabled me to stay fit and expand my boundries physically and mentally. 

Becoming a 261-Coach has been one of the most rewarding experiences… every week I have the opportunity to motivate and support our meet-run members to be active and experience the joy of running… and I am part of an global community of unique women, who support and empower each other.


I’m Jo and I live in the North East of England.  

I found out about 261 Fearless a few years ago and was interested but there wasn’t a club near me so I didn’t do anything about it. 

The next time I heard about it, I decided to do something. My nearest club was still an hour away so I got in touch with 261 Fearless UK and asked if I could set up a club where I live. To my utter amazement (I’d never even been to a MeetRun at this stage!) Juliet and Lisa, who are in charge at 261 UK, said yes.  

So just over 2 years ago I completed my 261 Coach training and, along with my friend Lovely Lizzie, set up 261 Teesdale. It’s not always easy (especially as at the moment I am coaching on my own) but there is alway something to look forward to, something to learn and something to enjoy. 

Being Fearless has really worked for me and I hope 261 helps you be Fearless too.


I'm Hazel and I live at the foot of Mount Ruapehu in the North Island of New Zealand. It's an adventure paradise (skiing, trail running, mountaineering, swimming, mountain biking) and I'm proud to have helped bring 261 Fearless to our region. 
I became a 261 Fearless coach after going along to our Wellington group and being inspired by the strong, smart women who run each week on challenging, hilly terrain and smile and laugh while they're doing it. In 2023 I qualified as a 261 Fearless coach after attending Train the Trainer, and set up our Ruapehu group alongside my fellow fearless trainers Jo and Dion.
I'm a mountain enthusiast, and outside of my day job and 261 Fearless, I regularly guide hikers in our nearby national park. I'm also a writer, and I enjoy writing about our backcountry spaces, and using writing and storytelling to encourage other women to empower themselves through activity and action. 
I'm honoured to be part of 2024's 261 Fearless coach ambassador team! You can find me on Instagram @hazelphilli and follow our New Zealand adventures and fearless women. 


I am a former teacher and have been a member of 261 Lune Valley in the North West of England since 2018 and trained as a coach 2 years later.  

I started running in 2012 to get fitter, lose weight and combat stress at work.  

Running has changed me as a person and I love seeing the changes in each and every woman who joins us, not only in their fitness but in their confidence and social interactions. We are such a globally supportive team and I want to share and spread this knowledge locally and nationally.


Hello everyone, I'm Isabel, a 261 Fearless Coach since 2021. I'm a mother of two kids, residing in eastern Germany with my family. Our local meetings take place in Radebeul near Dresden. Witnessing the growth of our running group and connecting with club members brings me immense joy. Supporting them in achieving their goals is truly gratifying, and the camaraderie we share during our weekly running and exercising sessions is always a lot of fun.


Soy Sonnia, tengo 40 años y vivo en Guayaquil - Ecuador. Mantenerme activa corriendo o realizando alguna actividad es parte de mi rutina diaria. Para mi el deporte me ayuda a mantener el equilibrio perfecto para fortalecer mi mente, mi cuerpo y mi espíritu. El deporte me ayuda a mostrar mis emociones sin miedo al qué dirán  lo cual me permite ser libre e intrépida. Puedo reír, puedo llorar, puedo hacer todo lo que desee y al mismo tiempo tengo la oportunidad de ayudar a otras personas. Recuerda que todo es posible si tan solo lo intentas a tu ritmo a tu manera.   

English translation: 
I’m Sonnia, I’m 40 years old and I live in Guayaquil – Ecuador. Staying active by means of running or another form of exercise is part of my daily routine. Personally, I find that exercise helps me to maintain a balance between supporting a strong mental health, physical fitness and a strong spirit. Sports helps me to express emotions without fear of what others may say, it allows me to be free and fearless. I can laugh, I can cry, I can do whatever I want and at the same time I have the opportunity to help others. Always remember that anything is possible if you try at your own pace and do it your way.


Hi! I’m Kim and I live in New England with my husband, two kids, and three cats. I used to teach second grade but now I split my working time between being a children’s author and working as the Administration and Communications Manager for 261 Fearless, Inc.  

My journey with 261 Fearless began back in 2017 when I was researching Kathrine Switzer for a picture book biography I was writing. When the book published in 2019, I decided to look fear in the face, give it a wink, and run the Boston Marathon (my first marathon) as part of the 261 Fearless Charity Team. It was a life-changing experience.  

I am very open about my mental health struggles with anxiety and how it has stolen so many opportunities and experiences from me in the past. I truly believe that my time with 261 Fearless gave me the courage to ask for the help I needed. Now, I’ve been soaking up all the wonderful things life has to offer and sharing my experience with other women so they know they aren’t alone. 

I am a certified 261 Coach for the first 261 Club New England group in New Hampshire. I’m an extroverted introvert – meaning I am definitely a vocal cheerleader for all women but then require lots of downtime to recharge my body battery. My favorite part of our weekly Meet Runs is chatting with the members on the runs and laughing – there's never enough laughing when you’re an adult. 

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