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The 261 Fearless Friendship Program is the Perfect Valentines Gift!

You’re looking for a special and unconventional gift for Valentine’s Day? Then forget roses and chocolates, we have a better idea for you!

How about making your beloved one - your wife, your girlfriend or your best friend - the special gift of friendship? 261 Friendship to be precise!

We've got 5 reasons why this is a good idea:

1. Being a 261 Friend gives the woman in your life access to a unique community of women who share the same passion for running.

2. 261 Friends encourage each other to run and to pursue personal running goals without pressure or competition.

3. Running releases all kinds of hormones that lift the mood and help to clear one’s head, the gift of running therefore is also a gift of joy and time for oneself, which, in a stressful daily life are two precious gifts!

4. 261 Friends get a chance to make new encounters all over the world and can join local clubs whenever they travel to a place with a local 261 Fearless running club.

5. Roses eventually wither, whereas the benefits of running, friendship and a healthy lifestyle prevail and will contribute to an overall happier and satisfactory life, something that everyone benefits from.

We've piqued your interest?

If you want to give the woman in your life the gift of Friendship, send an email to friendship@261fearless.org for more information on how to purchase a voucher for a one-year-membership to the 261 Friends program

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