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Nine women from the 261 Fearless running group run outside in front of a modern building, all wearing sportswear

The 261 Fearless Women of Change - The 261 Fearless documentary powered by adidas

Women who run the world CHANGE the world. Fearless, active, self-confident women are making changes, big and small, in their own lives, their local communities and in the wider world.

Follow seven extraordinary ordinary women from totally different backgrounds and countries; Afghanistan, Austria, Italy, Democratic Republic of Congo, India and Albania - on their quest to bring positive change to their communities.

Join our heroes on their personal journeys as they set out to change their lives and the lives of other women, through running with 261 Fearless. In different episodes we’ll be following their development, their struggles and their breakthroughs. We’ll be with them every step of the way on their challenge, sharing their joy and their tears, their successes and their frustrations. These are our 261 Fearless Game Changers. 

Our 2018 game changers and their goals:

Greta from Milano will try to overcome prejudices and give women self-confidence in the fashion metropolis of Milano. Greta wants to find new coaches to grow the 261 community in Italy.

Tasneem from Mumbai, India plans to start and establish the very first 261 Fearless Club in India, a country where it still not common for women to run.

Mimoza from Tirana in Albania wants to establish more 261 Fearless Clubs so she can bring women together to experience the joy and freedom of running.

Christina from Vienna, Austria wants to start a 261 Fearless Club dedicated to female refugees in Austria. 

Sylvie & Prudence from Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo will work in cooperation with the charity Free to Run, to empower women through running in their war plagued country.

Zahra from Afghanistan, studying in the US and in love with running – even when it is still not very accepted in her home country that women run. She will inspire female students on her campus in the US and  additionally make a huge impact in Afghanistan. 

In the next blog post we will meet and find out more about our heroes…

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