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The Gift of Freedom: Deb's Story

The third Gift of 261 Women’s Running is the Gift of Freedom. You may have already seen our social clips featuring Jessie Zapo and our 261 Club Director Deborah Mills, in which these Fearless women discuss their own ideas about what freedom means to them, and how running makes them feel free.

If you haven't already seen the third Gift of 261 Women's Running clip, we encourage you to check it our on our Facebook page.

We asked Deb to share her experience of creating the clip with Jessie, and to tell us in her own words what the Gift of Freedom and its relationship to women’s running.

“Three weeks before the New York City Marathon, along the shores of the East River, with Lower Manhattan’s Freedom Tower in the background, Jessie Zapo and I met in New York City to film ‘The Gift of Freedom,’ sharing with each other the meaning of freedom and how running gives us this gift.  We discussed the Gift of Freedom gained through running, and I can’t think of a better place to have done it!”


Deb was extremely proud to have been part of this project, and as a 261 Club Director herself, she knows the value of being part of the 261 Fearless community.

“I am honoured and privileged to be a part of the 261 Fearless organisation. Connecting with women around the world is one of the hallmarks of 261, and thanks to the connections that we have within our 261 Fearless organisation, we are creating friendships both in our home communities, and in communities around the world.”

So, just how does running make us feel free?

“As a 261 Club Director, I see freedom in the faces of the women that I coach.  Taking their first steps as runners, enjoying an hour a week where they can laugh and be active, or realizing that they are stronger than their moments of self-doubt – these are all elements of being free. Free to be strong, free to be empowered through movement, free to embrace friendships with other women runners – this is a true gift of women’s running. Whether running in a diverse city or on rural trails, leaving the stress of everyday life behind as you lace up your shoes is liberating.” 


If you’re interested in becoming a part of the 261 Fearless community so that you too can experience the liberating feeling of freedom, why not get in touch with a local 261 Fearless Running Club near you? There's a whole community of empowered women waiting for your application!

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