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The UK Coach Refresher

Our UK coaches were hosted by 261 Club Burwell near Cambridge for their annual refresher this weekend. Learning and laughter were on the menu!

261 Club UK took over the village hall in Swaffham Prior for the weekend to hold our annual coach refresher. Despite heavy rain for days, the sun shone and the autumn colours were looking glorious. The weekend began with a big welcome and a look back at the year that had passed. What a great year for the UK Clubs with lots of success and events to celebrate. 

We tackled the topic of anxiety, how it can stop or affect running but also how running can be so helpful in managing and treating anxiety too. We discussed outreach projects to gain new members and recapped on the main learning points from the 261 Empowerment Classes. We even had a fun cooking demo with nutritional tips from Kate Percy. 

We had so much fun sharing games to take back to our meetruns and learning new drills and exercises for improving running technique. From mindfulness in the trees to balloon crab keepy-uppy, from tin can alley chase to squat endurance songs, the imagination of our coaches never ceases to amaze us! 

Huge thanks to our coaches for all their enthusiasm and commitment. It was a great weekend and we’re already looking forward to next year!

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