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Train the Trainer certification courses in Germany and Austria

We are so proud of our newest 261 Coaches in Germany and Austria! Nine fearless women took the first step in the certification process to become 261 Coaches and share their joy for running with other women. Let's find out what drives them and what they've learned during the Train the Trainer weekend.

An intense weekend

The journey of each 261 Coach starts with Train the Trainer - a weekend-long, in-person training that prepares the women for their new role and tasks. The educational program includes practical exercises and know-how about running technique, women's health, leadership skills and marketing to reach out to women in the local communities. The weekend is packed with information and new experiences, but it's just the beginning of every 261 Coach's journey. 261 Fearless Inc. provides ongoing education opportunities and mentoring to all certified 261 Coaches, so the nine women from Austria and Germany have just crossed the starting line!

Nine new 261 Coaches

In Austria and Germany, 261 Fearless has educated nine women to become future 261 Coaches. They will now go back to their communities, finalize the last steps of their certification process and start leading 261 Club meet runs! Their task is to provide weekly one-hour sessions for women to enjoy, forget about their every-day problems and experience exercise as a fun activity. The final step on their journey is an online test which summarizes all the gained knowledge. After successful completion these fearless women will start as certified 261 Coaches. They pass on their joy for running to other women and help them become more active, healthy and empowered. 

Running is our passion

The recently certified 261 Coaches Tanja, Claudia, Romana, Martina and Sabine from Austria and Isabel, Madlen, Mandy and Tanja from Germany have found their passion in running and they tell us why:

"Running helps me disconnect after a long day at work in front of the computer. I enjoy the fresh air and I'm thankful to spend time outside in nature" - Sabine

"It's minimal effort with maximum output! You can do it anywhere and anytime." - Isabel

"Running is my source of happiness! I can charge my batteries while I'm out on a run." - Mandy

We thank our 261 Coaches in education as well as our already certified 261 Coaches for their fearlessness and inspiration for others and wish them loads of running fun on their journey. Our big thanks goes to our partners adidas and Peloton for supporting this education program financially!

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