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Volunteering as a 261 Coach

Volunteering for your community is a valuable experience that makes you grow personally and professionally. Our 261 Coaches do important work to bring forward our mission and empower women through running!

Why volunteer as a 261 Coach?

Dedicating your time and effort to a volunteer project you believe in is a rewarding experience – especially as a 261 Coach. You can see the effects of your work on your members. Being active changes the lives of your participants. The women in your meet runs will become healthier, raise their self-esteem and become fearless by participating in the weekly workout.

How do 261 Coaches benefit in the long run?

As well as giving back to your community, as a 261 Coach you can develop on a personal level. Delivering weekly meet runs to a group of women and reflecting on it with other 261 Coaches and Master Coaches helps you improve your leadership skills. The way you handle the group, solve conflicts and fulfil your role as a 261 Coach can help you in your personal and professional life.

Additionally, 261 Fearless Inc. provides you with ongoing training through the 261 Empowerment Classes. These are bi-monthly webinars exclusively offered to 261 Coaches where we provide information, knowledge and new skill sets, here are some examples:

261 Empowerment Class: Sports Bras

Laura Gageik from adidas explained what we need to watch out for to find the right sports bra for running. From choosing the right size, to looking after the bra when washing and drying it – our 261 Coaches now know everything about sports bras!

261 Empowerment Class: Will running hurt my knees?

A common question among runners: Will running hurt my knees? Thanks to expert Dr Ai Lyn Tan, Associate Professor of Rheumatology of the University of Leeds, our 261 Coaches can now confidently answer this question if it arises.

261 Empowerment Class: Games at 261 Club meet runs

Our 261 Club meet runs are so unique because of the fun games we play with our members. Games definitely make exercise more fun, but also develop coordination, endurance, strength and flexibility. We exchanged ideas about games on a global level to get fresh input for local meet runs.

How can you become a 261 Coach?

With all these great benefits, you’re no doubt curious to find out how to become a 261 Coach! We are looking for you if you love running and want to spark that passion in other women in a non-competitive and non-judgemental setting. Also, you should be someone who is keen to learn more about running, health and leadership in our exclusive and free 261 Empowerment Classes and Refresher courses. But before you start, we want you to find your local 261 Club and join the meet runs. Once this box is ticked, you can check out all the requirements and apply online for the position of a 261 Coach. If your application is approved, you can join the 261 Fearless Train the Trainer certification course and start your journey in becoming a 261 Coach!

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