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WE can do this: the 261 Club NZ Palmerston North relay adventure

261 Fearless Club Palmerston North / New Zealand took part in the local Halcombe Relay – a six-person relay on country roads based in Halcombe just out of Palmerston North.

The local Halcombe Relay is open to everyone from ‘serious’ running/walking teams to social runners and walkers.

Our team included runners of all levels – some of whom only started running this year. None had taken part in a relay for many years (some, going back to school days!), so there were plenty of nerves present on the drive out to Halcombe. We all reassured each other that it was about having fun, and that we were all going to be inspired and encouraged by each other’s efforts.  Having our new purple 261 Fearless adidas shirts really united us as a team (and attracted lots of questions about what 261 Fearless is about too!)

Each person had a leg of approximately 5km to run. Following along in the team vehicle, we would see each runner off at the transition point, then stop twice along the leg to cheer her on, hand over a drink bottle, yell out encouragements such as "your ponytail looks amazing!", and of course - taking lots of photos 'for the 'Gram'.  

We all surprised ourselves on the day with how well we ran – it was not an easy course with lots of hills and undulations (and we are still laughing at the surprise of the ‘crazy’ hill on Leg Five).

It was a fun day out, with lots of laughter, brilliant weather and a fantastic afternoon tea afterward. The women in this team (and our whole club) have become genuine, firm friends through running together and I can’t wait to see where this team will go next.

To sum up the day, from one of our newer runners: “I didn’t know what to expect, but it exceeded my expectations in every way because of all of you.”

261 Fearless Club Palmerston North started in February 2018. We meet on Wednesday mornings at 9:30am. Our group is composed of all sorts – stay at home mums, business owners, part time workers. You are welcome to join us at any stage and at any level. We will meet you where you are. Come run with us!

Written by Kate Southern, 261 Coach & Group Leader

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