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What I've learned being a coach: Kate Southern

When women become 261 Fearless coaches they often do so because they want to give back, to share what running has given to them and to help women in their community.

Many feel nervous and unsure because they have never been in a coaching role before, it’s a step that takes courage. Volunteering their time and energy every week is a big commitment too but we hear more and more from our coaches about how much they have gained personally. How they’ve developed in their role as a coach and how these skills benefit them in their everyday lives.

We asked Kate Southern, our 261 Club New Zealand Leader and Coach to share the top three things she has learnt and the benefits being a coach has given her.

Kate shares...

1. High fives and encouraging words can mean so much to any runner.  Several of our beginner runners have stuck with running simply because of the encouraging aspect of running in a group with other positive women. 

2. It's important to tune into your learner runners, watch and listen for signs that they are challenging themselves too much.  Often they will try to keep up with the group or be embarrassed to feel 'slow'.  I've learned to always stick with them at the back and be the first to suggest a short walk break.

3.  While the coach is there to support the runners in their journey, the support can go both ways too.  I turned up on one occasion under a lot of emotional stress due to my work situation.  The ladies recognised that and after a hug from each one of them, another of my regular runners decided on the course we would take and off we went.  I can tell you that was one of my most memorable 261 Fearless group runs this year.

What have I learned from being a 261 coach that I've translated into other parts of my life?  It's that everyone is looking for connection in a world full of busy-ness and social media that actually can create a level of anti-social-ness.  It's important for us, especially as women, to make sure we are spending time with others on a regular basis.

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