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What I've Learned Being a Coach: Katina Wolfe

Next in our ‘What I’ve learned being a coach’ series we hear from Katina Wolfe.

Katina Wolfe, from 261 Club New England in the United States, shares the three things she’s learnt through coaching at the club and how being a coach has had an impact on other areas of her life.

Katina’s learnings:

1. I’ve learnt to challenge myself to be a better coach each session by constantly bringing new ideas to our meet runs. I feel it’s our responsibility as coaches to provide a solid one hour meet run to our members as they pay to be in a 261 running Club. 

2. I’ve learnt how to manage a diverse group of women from a running ability and social aspect to keep all engaged and develop a community. It’s so rewarding as a coach to see the members getting to know each other and maybe go out for coffee after a meet run, run a race as a team or participate in community events. 

3. I’m still learning how to outreach by thinking “out of the box” to grow our Club. What keeps a run club fresh is by adding new members who bring their diverse personalities and ideas to the group. It’s always satisfying to meet new friends. 

What have I learned from being a 261 coach that I've translated into other parts of my life? 

I am reaching out to women outside my running comfort zone to make new friends in Boston. As a result, I will become a member of various communities in the city to make me feel “at home.” 


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