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What I've learned being a coach: Lisa Ruggles

Next in our ‘What I’ve learned being a coach’ series, we hear from Lisa Ruggles.

Lisa is the Group Leader and Coach at 261 Club Bicester, near Oxford in the UK. Lisa’s learnings have propelled her to take on other challenges in life.

These are the three main things that Lisa says she’s learned from being a coach:

1.Being a leader doesn’t mean I have to know it all, in fact, being a leader means I need to listen and watch more; when I do, the meetruns flow much more easily, everyone gets more out of the sessions and they keep coming back.

2.Building the community feeling of the group is really important.  It is human nature to feel wanted and accepted; friendships in the group play a vital role in this. I’ve learned that building this community is very hard and takes time.

3.This girl can!  Running has taught me a great deal.  To run you need to build a body strong enough to carry you and a mind strong enough to push through the hard times.  Being a 261 Fearless Coach has given me the opportunity to take on new challenges and peel back the layers of fear which have held me back all my life.

What have I learned from being a 261 coach that I've translated into other parts of my life?

Since becoming a coach, I have taken on the role as the school PTA chair.  There is no way on this planet I would have considered this if it wasn’t for the confidence I’ve gained from becoming a coach.


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