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What I've Learned Being a Coach: Sylvie Chishungu Zawadi Mwamini

Next in our ‘What I’ve learned being a coach’ series we hear from Sylvie Chishungu Zawadi Mwamini.

Sylvie has been a Coach for 261 Club Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo, for one year. She tells us she has learned a lot on a physical level but also on a personal level.

What I’ve learned personally:

1)Leading others has made me understand my true personality on an emotional level. The task requires me to be understanding and tolerant towards others. I’ve learned a lot about group dynamics too. 

2)Through coaching I’ve learned to have fun and take the time for myself. All the women in the group have benefitted in the same way; we all feel so fulfilled. A lot of women have told me how happy they are to be part of the big 261 Fearless family.

3)The ongoing education I receive helps me to acquire new knowledge in the field of running, in particular I have learnt so much about running technique.

What have I learned from being a 261 coach that I've translated into other parts of my life? 

Others, especially men, often ask why we only allow women in our Club? We answer that this is a space for women that helps us feel our femininity. I have learnt to feel good in my body. I feel good in my skin. I love being a Coach and I’d like to continue to train with many other women in my home country. 

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