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Why We Need More Women Leaders

261 Fearless encourages women to step up and become leaders. We provide the education, training and setting for women to get out of their comfort zone and grow. But why is it so important to have more women leaders in our world?

261 Fearless Inc. educates women to become leaders in their community as 261 Coaches. Research shows that women learn new leadership skills or improve existing ones, namely in communication, mentoring, empathy, and leading different abilities through the 261 Fearless Education Program. The new skills help the 261 Coaches master their task of leading non-competitive, non-judgemental Meet Runs for women. However, the new leaders also benefit beyond this role by using and applying these newly gained skills in all areas of their lives. We encourage women to step out of their comfort zone, learn, grow and become leaders.

Why do we need more women as leaders?

Read the top 3 reasons why we need more women to become leaders. Here’s more:

1. Female Role Models

We need more female leaders to look up to. Women in leadership roles like that of a 261 Coach inspire other women to follow along the same path. Seeing another woman you can identify with, take on the challenge of stepping up to a leadership role, makes it much less daunting to do so yourself. Women and girls become more familiar with the thought of women as leaders. This doesn’t mean every woman needs to become a 261 Coach. It means that every 261 Coach has the power inspire another woman or girl to become a leader in any area of life!

2. Encourage Women to Be Active

Did you know that 1 in 3 women don’t reach the exercise levels recommended by the World Health Organization to maintain their health? The same is true for only 1 in 4 men! Levels of inactivity are much higher in women than in men, which takes a toll on their health. This is why 261 Fearless Inc. helps create 261 Clubs and Meet Runs around the world – to get women active and healthy. However, taking the first running steps and changing your lifestyle is not easy. It’s essential to have an encouraging group that doesn’t judge the way you look and doesn’t care how fast or far you run. A group that enables you to step out of your comfort zone and try. How do we manage to create this atmosphere without judgement and pressure? Simply by educating female leaders these women can look up to and feel comfortable with.

3. Transform Society on All Levels

261 Coaches hugely benefit from the 261 Fearless Education Program by developing leadership skills. The women who go through the training apply the skills in their role as 261 Coaches and beyond. Many now have the self-belief, encouragement, and support they need to take on leadership roles in their private and professional lives.  They show that women can be leaders on all levels – and trigger a transformation in society.

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