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Why You Should Join Team 261 Fearless at the 2018 Boston Marathon!

Have you ever dreamed of being part of a team that raise money for a great charity helping to empower women to pursue their own dreams, while at the same time participating in the Boston Marathon? The dream is real, now you can!

There are many reasons why you'd want to be part of our team next year, but we thought it would be nice to hear from members of our 261 Fearless Team 2017, and let them describe their experience.

Gayle from Chicago was bursting with emotion as she described her weekend in Boston as being profound, beautiful, and immensely meaningful.


“Being on the start line of the Boston Marathon with Kathrine and Team 261 Fearless was an emotional, thrilling, and electrifying experience. “

“To be minutes away from beginning something as daunting as a 26.2 mile run from Hopkinton to Boston, surrounded by a supportive team of runners of all ages, backgrounds, nationalities, sizes, experiences and abilities, and all led by the most amazing woman of remarkable inspiration, vision, openness, and generosity, for the express purpose of not only the ultimate challenge but also to show other women everywhere that to run as part of 261 Fearless will allow them to be fearless and free, is quite simply life changing and an experience of a lifetime,” she said.

Lesley travelled all the way from Australia to be part of Team 261 Fearless Boston Marathon: "The Boston Marathon race weekend is in itself an amazing experience, but to experience it with 261 Fearless was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Meeting Fearless women from around the world and learning their stories is incredibly inspiring."


"I left Boston knowing that it was only the beginning! The sky is truly the limit, especially with Fearless women," Lesley said.

Travelling from Illinous to be part of Team 261 Fearless Boston Marathon, Paula was elated to have met Kathrine Switzer and to have made new friends from all over the world.


“I got a once in a lifetime experience with the Great Kathrine Switzer and 100 plus other amazing women from all around the world, and I've remained friends with many of them through social media.”

Paula also praised 261 Fearless for helping the experience become one she will never forget.

“The experience was unique and I also got first class treatment from Team 261 that made the experience a total grand slam, while raising money for a great charity that empowers women to go out and pursue their dreams.” 

“I got to experience the Boston Marathon for my second time and there's nothing quite like it, cheers to everyone on Team 261!” 

Susanna, from Canada saw the amazing accomplishments of Kathrine Switzer and it made her realize what an important role she played in the advancement of women in sports. 

“I valued her vision and saw the impact she had on empowering women. I have had the opportunity to connect with other 261 Fearless women over the last 2 years and experienced the power of women supporting women. It is an amazing feeling!”


“I became part of Team 261 Fearless Boston Marathon to help carry her mission to other women. Becoming part of the team only solidified that desire and I am blessed to continue sharing this fearlessness to women in Canada!”

Are you ready for this amazing experience? If you want to be part of our Team 261 Fearless Boston Marathon in 2018, apply now

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