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Worried about being fearless? The top six concerns about joining a 261 Fearless club.

So, you’ve spotted your local 261 Club on Facebook and you like the look of it. You can see the women in the group photo are smiling and having a good time. You think you’d actually like to be part of that but you really don’t have the courage to go along. Let us reassure you.

At 261 Fearless we understand that there are many things holding women back from starting to run or joining a running club. It’s easy to say, “Be Fearless” but it is hard to do! Here are the top six questions and answers to things that our women often feel anxious about, to reassure you that you will be absolutely fine. 


1. What happens when I arrive and how does the session work?

When you arrive you will no doubt see a group of women standing around chatting. The coaches will be easily identifiable because they will be in their 261 branded coach’s uniform; this year it is a turquoise colour. Just walk up to one of them and say hello. It’s a good idea to drop them a message on social media or email to let them know you want to come along but it’s also OK to just turn up. 

The session will start with a welcome and you will be introduced to everyone. Don’t worry about trying to remember everyone’s names! The coach will then explain how that week’s session will be organised. A typical session will include a warm up, some games, perhaps some running drills and a short run. There’s always a warm down and stretches and a chance to chat at the end too. 

2. Do I have to have to be a runner before I join?

Absolutely not. We will show you how and help you learn to run with a good technique from your first running steps. 


3. What should I wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable in. It’s a good idea to wear a sports bra as it will make the activity more comfortable for you. If you don’t have one then don’t worry, just wear your most closely fitting bra and ask the coaches and other members for their recommendations. You don’t need to go and buy Lycra and flash trainers either. One or two layers are good so you can take one off when you have warmed up and put it on again at the end when you cool down. The coaches can advise you about running shoes and where to get them locally but you don’t need these for your first session; your everyday trainers or pumps will be ok.

4. How fast do I have to run?

Simply as fast as you want to! You will only ever have to go at a pace that feels comfortable for you. That may be a walking pace to start with or a mixture of walking and running, that is fine, we don’t care what speed you are. In fact, when we have the short run, we encourage you to go at the speed of chat’ so it’s sociable. 


5. What distances do you run?

Whatever distance you can run or walk in the time allocated for the running section of the session. To be honest, we don’t really measure the distances! We don’t train for pace or distance and just want everyone to enjoy a run together, without pressure, however long it is. 

6. What’s it like being part of the club?

You will quickly discover that being part of a 261 Fearless club is all about fun. There is so much laughter and the sessions are very relaxed and friendly. The other members in the club will have felt exactly the same way that you do and they will support and encourage you and make you feel very welcome. It’s that sense of community within the club that will keep you coming back week after week. As I said, it’s hard to be fearless but it’s a whole lot easier with a group of women doing it together.


If you have any questions or worries about going along to your local club, then just reach out to the coaches there. They will be so happy that you are considering joining them and will quickly dissolve your concerns. Remember, they once took their first running steps so they know exactly how you feel! 

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