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How 261 Fearless Inc supports women globally during COVID-19 outbreak

Women around the world are facing and handling the challenging consequences of the Covid 19 crisis. 261 Fearless Inc. is working with passion and commitment to support women globally in responding the challenges.

Women are affected differently by crises, such as the one we are living in right now. Research-based information by UN-Women shows that existing inequalities such as gender-based discrimination and violence against women are on the advance. Simultaneously, women play a crucial role within their families, communities and society in responding to crisis, as we see in women working in the front lines during the COVID-19 outbreak.

261 Fearless Inc. provides support to all women and enables them to gain control over their fears, to have a social network to have their back and to care for their health. Our response is to empower women and help them become fearless through these programs and initiatives:

Virtual #261fearLESStogether Meet Runs

Our health is essential, especially now when it's potentially threatened by a virus, and exercise is the key. Staying active is much more difficult with the current restrictions, and the barriers for women around the globe to exercise have risen. 261 Fearless Inc. provides a virtual response! Every woman - no matter her age, fitness level or whether she's part of a local 261 Club - can join our weekly virtual exercise, the #261fearLESStogether Meet Run. Together, the 261 Fearless community motivates women to stay active, healthy and take the time to care for themselves.

Join our weekly virtual #261fearLESStogether Meet Runs

261 Open House

261 Fearless Inc. supports women in coping with the current isolation and physical distancing with a new format - the 261 Open House. Women within the global 261 Fearless community meet virtually in a guided discussion to share their thoughts, hopes and ideas. This platform enables them to expand their network, connect with women, see how others are dealing with the situation and keep a positive attitude. Having a community to talk to relieves stress and makes a difference in women's lives:

"Being in quarantine, especially as a healthcare worker, can be very isolating and stressful. Being able to take an hour and discuss how we as fearless women are getting through this time is very uplifting and makes me feel hopeful that we will all be together soon." - Barbara, 261 Fearless Club New England

261 Empowerment Talks

The 261 Empowerment Talks feature high-profile women from all over the world to speak about their experiences, share their stories and inspire women to step up and become empowered. In the past, these interviews were held in person; however, due to current restrictions, 261 Fearless holds the interviews virtually and continues to inspire women around the globe.

In the very beginning of the crisis, Edith Zuschmann, CEO of 261 Fearless Inc., and Kathrine Switzer, activist, speaker and founder of 261 Fearless Inc, encouraged women to step up and make decisions - especially when confronted with fear. Crisis can be an opportunity to grow!

In our latest edition of the 261 Empowerment Talks, Ghita El Khyari, Head of the Secretariat of the Women's Peace and Humanitarian Fund, outlined the important role women play in responding to crises and showed how we can support each other in overcoming difficult situations.

The 261 Empowerment Talks are published on our YouTube channel and are accessible to all women looking for inspiration to step up, be empowered and become fearless!

The 261 Fearless Spirit

261 Fearless has been quick to find a new way to provide support for women to become empowered and overcome their fears, even with restrictions in place. Education, exercise and a supportive community have always been drivers of women's empowerment; however, they have never played such a vital role as they do now. The support women offer each other, the way they lift each other up, motivate and inspire each other is the essential spirit of 261 Fearless - together we overcome crises and help each other thrive!

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