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Impact Report 2022/23

Our impact on women around the world - since 2016 261 Fearless Inc has changed many women’s lives around the world. Our passionate Team worked intensively with our local 261 Club teams in 14 countries to empower women through running.

“I am very proud to be part of the community because in my role as a 261 Coach I can actively support other fearless women and learn a lot myself. I am very grateful for this journey.”

Being part of our fearless women’s running community is not just about running – it’s about so much more. Every member of this community is backed by fearless women who won’t judge or compare, but strengthen and lift each other up. This friendly environment inspires women to take their first running steps, to learn through our education program, and to implement these experiences in other areas of their lives.

261 Fearless has a lasting impact on the women in its community. In our 2022/2023 impact report you can read all about it! Find out how we change women’s lives, one step at a time.

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