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Life is for participating.

Life is for participating. Active and exuberant celebration is a form of participation that contributes to the “magic” of the Boston Marathon.

261 Fearless stands for inclusion.

We stand for equal treatment. 

We stand for safe spaces. 

And we stand for a welcoming, non-competitive, non-judgmental community for ALL women AND for the people who support them! – regardless of their color, status, beliefs, or background.


We stand against all forms of injustice.

We stand against inequality. 

We stand against human disrespect. 

We stand against all of these things when directed against any woman anywhere in the world or against those who love and support them.


We stand with, beside and in support of BIPOC communities around the world – at all times, but particularly following the events experienced by supporters of the Pioneers Run Crew and TrailblazHersRun Co. in Greater Boston.  Equal treatment, justice and freedom from harassment are basic human rights that must be afforded to ALL.


We are here to support YOU and the BAA to create the future where running is accessible to ALL women and that those who love and support them may freely celebrate them as all others do. We are here to empower EVERY woman, whomever and wherever she may be. We are here to lift EACH OTHER UP.




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