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We did it - but this is just the beginning

Kathrine and more then 100 261 Fearless Boston Marathon Team runners finished successfully the 121st Boston Marathon® and pave the way for the 261 Fearless Inc. Non-Profit Organization to be able to spread our message globally.

261 Fearless and Kathrine Switzer experienced an unforgettable 50th anniversary of the 1967 incident that has changed women's running and women's sports globally. 

Our whole team says THANK YOU and is proud to announce

  • All 261 Fearless Boston Marathon Team finished healthy the 121st Boston Marathon on a warm spring day. 
  • Together these passionated Team raised more than 825.000 US Dollars for the 261 Fearless Charity. There is still the opportunity to support this amazing team in fundraising. Please click HERE to get to our Fundraising page.
  • 261 members around the world - in Austria, Brazil, China, Iran, Germany, Norway, Poland, United Kingdom, USA and many more countries - run with 261 and Kathrine and celebrate the unique spirit of this supportive community
  • The media attention broke all expectations: 261 Fearless and Kathrine Switzer got covered globally. "First woman to enter Boston Marathon runs it again, 50 years later" was the one of the three most read, shared and discussed posts from across NYTIMES.COM

BUT: this was just the beginning. This celebration is opening new opportunities for 261 Fearless and women globally. Join our journey!

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