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A fearless look back at 2020

We look back to a year full of surprises, unexpected turns and new situations. Our team has bundled their efforts and came up with creative ideas and solutions to stay connected and to keep our global 261 Fearless community active. Let's go on an imaginary trip back through 2020 and into 2021!


Staying active was especially difficult in 2020 with 261 Club meet runs having to pause and many of our members stuck at home. We came up with a solution that motivated members to stay active AND connect with the global community: Sweat'n'Stretch. The online workout was available to the broad public at first and is now taking place exclusively for our community members as an additional strength session once a month.

Open House

We also introduced the Open House at the beginning of the pandemic, a format that connects our community members globally and allows them to talk, exchange and connect virtually. Each member of our global 261 Fearless community is invited to join, share her experiences, feelings and opinions. It's an open platform that allows women to connect and feel closer, even if we're physically far apart.

Revised 261 Friends Program

The 261 Friends support our mission of education and empowerment through running with their yearly contribution. We have completely revised the program and now offer different options and levels of support. The best thing about being a 261 Friend: You are part of a global community and can join our Sweat'n'Stretch and Open Houses for free!

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261 Move the World Running and Walking Series

Participants of our global 261 MOVE THE WORLD Running and Walking Series could choose to walk/run/move in any other way over the course of four events to receive a medal and support 261 Fearless Inc. With the funds raised through the registration fees and donations, we can continue our work of providing education, business opportunities and empowering women through running.

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261 Empowerment Talks

We hosted numerous internationally renowned experts and speakers at our 261 Empowerment Talks to inspire and motivate women to step up and take control of their lives:

Kathrine Switzer & Edith Zuschmann spoke about Being Fearless: Stepping Up and Making Decisions. The two founders of 261 Fearless Inc. shared their experiences on how to grow in the face of fearful situations. Ghita El-Khyari of the Women's Peace and Humanitarian Fund spoke about the Power of Women in Crisis - because women play a crucial role in peacekeeping and regions shaken by crisis. Adidas Runners Fatin Nabila Sam and Tasha Jacky both run with hijab and speak about overcoming cultural barriers for women when they start running. Professional boxer Stacey Copeland shared her views on how to close the gender gap in sports. CEO of Black Girls Run! Jay Ell Alexander shares how colorful women's running is. Helena & Feven Yohannes of 2-4-1 Cosmetics came to the US as political refugees and are now successful entrepreneurs.

Listen to all 261 Empowerment Talks here.

261 Fearless Forward Wom-inars

An unexpected event or even a crisis as we experienced this year can - apart from being negative - also bear an opportunity for change. Our 261 Fearless Forward Wom-inar series provides you with knowledge, expertise and inspiration on how to become empowered, fearless and move forward in your life. Three of our six 261 Fearless Forward Wom-inars have been launched already, three more support you in your personal journey from fear to fearless in 2021.

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