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Women's running group in the dark - Running at dusk

Running & Safety

Especially in the dark winter months, a lot of women feel unsafe when running outside. However, with some preparation and thought, you can enjoy running outside without fear! We have collected tips from the women in our community on how they stay safe on their runs:

  • RUN IN COMPANY: It is always safer to run in pairs or in a group. So run with your 261 Club!
  • PREPARE YOUR RUN: It is best to prepare several routes and vary the time and the running lap each time. This way, no one can observe your schedule and wait for you along the usual running route.
  • INFORM FAMILY OR FRIENDS: It is best to let someone you trust know which route you will take and when you are planning to be back home. This gives you peace of mind and you can enjoy your run.
  • TAKE YOUR PHONE: Save the emergency number of the local police force on speed dial and call for yourself or someone else in an emergency. The police are there to help you, so it's better to call if anything/anyone makes you feel uncomfortable or worried – trust your instincts.
  • PAY ATTENTION: Don't listen to music or talk on the phone when you're running. This is the only way you can be aware of your surroundings and react accordingly. Especially at dusk and in the dark, it is important to be aware of your environment with all your senses to avoid falls and accidents in traffic!
  • RUN AWAY: In the unlikely event of an attack, run towards roads or more crowded spaces and shout loudly to draw attention to you and scare off the attacker. Try to show self-confidence to deter the attacker.
  • BE VISIBLE: Run along well-lit routes, take a headlamp with you and wear reflective clothing or high-visibility vests to make yourself visible. This is important to avoid accidents in road traffic, but also to avoid falls.
  • RUN WITH A DOG: If you can't find a human companion, you can also take your dog or a friend's dog with you. Dogs act as a deterrent and are sensitive to danger.
  • BE CAREFUL WITH SOCIAL MEDIA: Don't post when, where and how far you've run on social media. There's nothing easier than having people waiting for you along the route next time. Therefore, not everyone needs to know where you are.
  • STRONG BODY LANGUAGE – STRONG VOICE: Stand up tall and speak in a loud, confident voice – this can deter possible aggressors. In case you do get attacked, scream as loud as you can to catch other people’s attention. Get strong and avoid fear with our empowerment talks.

The safest way to run is in a group with friends – in your local 261 Club! A group is very unlikely to be attacked and you can protect each other in case it happens. Find your local group and enjoy your run fearlessly!

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